For restaurants and foodservice businesses, a safe, pleasant and pest-free environment is critical to success. Even a single cockroach, a rodent or a few flies can drive customers away for good, no matter how good the food is.

So, Entomecta helps you protect your business reputation by minimizing your concerns regarding pests. At the same time, you are completely covered in case of a health inspection, as we provide you with a pest control dossier.

Once a pest control contract comes into effect with your business or organization, a range of services will be provided to offer you a complete coverage throughout the duration of the contract.

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We provide the following services:

Our staff will thoroughly inspect your premises and record the dangers your business faces regarding pests.

After the inspection we will make suggestions regarding preventive measures. These suggestions have to do with better sealing of the premises, with the exclusion of some spots or with cleaning tasks concerning specific machinery and spaces.

Our staff will install electrical insect traps depending on the area of ​​the business. All our insect traps are made of high quality materials and are suitable for food premises.

Our staff will install bait stations with rodenticides outside the premises and mechanical rodent traps inside the business premises. All the traps used are made of high quality, safe and resistant materials.

Our staff will spray outside and around the business premises to prevent crawling insects. They will also check the crawling insect traps that will be installed within the business premises, record the findings, and take additional action if necessary.

Our staff will change the baits in the bait stations and record the consumption. They will also inspect the mechanical traps for any captured rodents.

In cases where immediate solution to a rodent problem is required, the Emitter System is temporarily installed until the rodent is captured. Immediately after that there will be a wireless alert to remove the rodent from your premises.

In cases of severe insect invasion and mainly by cockroaches, a thermal insect repellent method is used in machinery or in the premises where the problem was detected. With the special equipment of our company, the affected area or machines are heated at 56 °C, with safety and continuous monitoring with wireless temperature sensors. At such temperature, all kinds of insects, even their eggs, are exterminated, in a non-toxic way.

Our company has a thermal camera for the faster detection of pests. Pests and especially rodents have a body temperature usually higher than that of the environment in which they live and can thus be detected due to this temperature difference. In this way, pest control actions are conducted easier and most of the time worse situations are prevented.

Proper sealing of openings and cracks in your business premises may be one of the most important services we provide regarding the fight against pests. This seemingly easy task can prove to be an unnecessary effort because pests and especially rodents may find the way to puncture or destroy the materials already used for sealing. Our company has the most suitable sealing materials designed specifically for this use and guarantees their long-lasting durability.

In cases of bird presence in the interior or the exterior of the business premises, our company has a full range of bird repellent products that include spikes, nets and detterent gels.

Our company owns a specialized pest control software. Using this software, our technicians immediately record all findings from their workplace. In this way data alteration and human errors, while transferring the data, are limited. At the same time, secure data transfer is achieved, since they are sent simultaneously electronically to you and to our company’s database.

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