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A few words about us

Welcome to entomecta an established company in Thessaloniki, with more than eight years of presence on the section of pest control. We feel proud for providing high level pest control services, not only to households but also to businesses, with safety, effectiveness and affordable prices, aiming to achieve the best and the most long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Our founders, Lapoukoglou Giannis and Monoportis Sarantis, both graduates of the department of Agriculture at the Aristotelio University of Thessaloniki, have enormous experience in a wide range of services ranging from general pest control to bird repulsion and specialization in total disinfection services.

Our story begins in 2011 when Giannis & Sarantis, being new graduates at the time, decided to test their friendship on a professional level by setting up Entomecta. The recipe then succeeded!

Today we have gained an excellent reputation for the quality of the services that we provide and we are well-known with our distinctive white-green vehicles. Despite our steady growth,  we maintain the principles of honesty and respect and the commitment to serve our customers, just as our founders did when they started in 2011.

Simultaneously, continuous training keeps our staff up to date, according to the latest pest and harmful organism management technologies and practices.

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Business Premises: Amyntaiou 5 Thessaloniki 54636store

Branch: Gymnasiarhou Vassiliou Mystakidou 6 Thessaloniki 54250

Τ: 2313018866
M: 6976556327 & 6937213100

mail: info@entomecta.gr