Bed bug pest control

Bed bugs are usually found in areas of the house where we spend a lot of time like our living room and bed. They cannot be easily found because they are well hidden in slots, seams of sofas and mattresses as well as in other hiding places difficult to be detected. However, we understand their presence by the bite marks that they leave on the skin.

Bed bugs pest control services are carried out in three stages.

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Preventive measures

All of the products we use are approved by the competent ministry and are not harmful to humans.

Our staff members will offer their services according to the agreed charge. There will be no extra charge regardless of the difficulties that may arise during the implementation.

We have a flexible work schedule.
Our staff will be available to offer you our services according to your schedule.

Bed bug pest control – Actions before and after the implementation.

  • Let us know from the beginning if you have a pet at home.

  • Cleaning or tiding tasks should have been conducted before the implementation.

  • It is advisable not to be present during the spraying process.

  • After spraying, you should leave the house for at least 8 hours or ideally for one day.

  • Ventilate the space for 1 hour as soon as you return home.

  • In order the insecticide sprayed onto various areas to be more effective, it is advisable not to mop or wipe the premises for 4 days.

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