Mice control services

Mice can be found almost everywhere and are some of the most common unwanted house guests. The large amount of waste and garbage in cities attract mice and this enables them to multiply rapidly. Mice cause damages and constitute a health hazard.

Mice control services is conducted in three steps

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Guarantees before and after application

All of the products we use to exterminate cockroaches are approved by the competent ministry and are not harmful to humans.

Our staff will offer their services according to the agreed charge. There will be no extra charge regardless of the difficulties that may arise during the implementation.

We have a flexible work schedule.
Our staff will be available to offer you our services according to your schedule.

Actions before and after the implementation

  • Let us know from the beginning if you have a pet at home.

  • It is suggested before our visit to remove any materials that have already been used during rodent control procedures.

  • Do not keep garbage for a long time inside your house.

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