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Our trained professional staff will do everything for you! They provide you with a wide variety of house disinfectants to rid your space of ants, cockroaches, rodents or other harmful parasites, and all these while protecting the environment. The multifaceted experience of our executives on insect and rodent biology as well as a detailed and complete control of your home, provide a solution even in the most difficult situations. The formulations we use are totally environmentally friendly. However, in cases of chemical use, it is our concern to treat your family just like ours.

Απεντόμωση Κατσαρίδες

Cockroaches are everywhere. We can find them in every area of the house during daylight but mostly during the night where there is no intense lighting. If you notice many insects during the day this means that the problem may be even bigger.

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Απεντόμωση Μυρμήγκια

Ant pest control services in Thessaloniki
Ants make their appearance mainly during spring and summer. They can be detected in many areas inside and outside the house. If you notice ants inside your house you should start worrying.

These ants are looking for food in order to collect and store it in their nests. If there is enough food for them, then a large number of ants will enter the house to carry food to their nests.

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Homes with pets usually have flea problems. If you notice your pet having a weird behaviour or itching, then you should take action right away.

At the same time it’s quite likely to have small bites on your skin without knowing where they come from because fleas are almost invisible to the naked eye.

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Απεντόμωση Κοριοί Bugs are usually found in the house, in places that we spend a lot of time like our living room or our bed. They are not easily identified or noticed as they are hidden well in slits, seating and mattress seams and other inaccessible points. However, we understand their presence by the intense signs that cause to the body with their sting.

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Mice can be found almost everywhere and are some of the most common unwanted house guests. The large amount of waste and garbage in cities attract mice and this enables them to multiply rapidly. Mice cause damages and constitute a health hazard.

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Rats can be found everywhere within an urban environment. The large amount of waste and garbage in cities attracts rats and this enables them to multiply rapidly. Rodents cause damages and constitute a health hazard.

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Silverfishes may scare us with their presence but should not worry us because they are not threat to our health. They are not carriers of harmful microorganisms, but we should worry if we found them inside the house.

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Bed bugs are usually found in areas of the house where we spend a lot of time like our living room and bed. They cannot be easily found because they are well hidden in slots, seams of sofas and mattresses as well as in other hiding places difficult to be detected. However, we understand their presence by the bite marks that they leave on the skin.

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When a house is surrounded by wasps, this is definitely a difficult situation. There must be a small or big wasp nest nearby and wasps may become very aggressive if they feel threatened.

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Flies are definitely insects that you would not want to have inside your house. They also carry pathogenic microorganisms dangerous to human health. Usually when they invade a house their population is rising rapidly.

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Woodworm can be found in any house with wooden surfaces or furniture. We can easily detect their hiding places because we find small holes in the wood or fine wood shavings.

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Spiders are insects that do not prefer busy and crowded places. They are usually found in dark and quiet areas of the house. However, in many cases they appear in areas of the house with intense activity and usually hide somewhere high and prefer corners.

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Moths are divided into two main categories depending on what they eat. So there are food-eating moths and fabric-eating moths. In both cases they can cause great damage to your property.

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Bird presence can evolve into a real nightmare for a house. Especially in an urban environment the greatest problem is the activities of pigeons in places we do not want them to visit. Pigeons also cause unpleasant situations with their droppings while they are carriers of pathogenic microorganisms and hosts of other insects such as fleas and lice.

Our company has the expertise and know-how to propose the best solution for your case.

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Noticing a snake around your house will surely cause you a very unpleasant surprise. Our company making use of the best products on the market can shield your property.

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In many cases where methods of pest control are implemented, it is not enough to exterminate the pests in order to feel safe. Feces that they leave behind or even dead rodents or insects can pose a threat to our health.

Our company has the knowledge and experience regarding such cases and can offer high quality cleaning and disinfection services.

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Our company provides services aiming at integrated pest control. This is the reason why we place great emphasis on services that aim to prevent parasites from entering an area.

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Some of the services we provide include:

The use of feather gel to combat cockroach
Rodent control and exclusion of rodents
Spraying outdoors for flying and crawling insects
The use of bait for the control of ants
Eliminating bedbugs when they are present mainly in bed mattresses
Cleaning – Disinfection of areas of pest droppings
Sealing of openings and holes
Thermal Disinfection
The use the eMitter System

Prevention tips for home

  • Have a dustbin with the lid always closed
  • Remove garbage from your home regularly
  • Do not leave food or drink exposed for a long time
  • Always keep the kitchen counter clean of food waste
  • Do not leave the pet food for long on the floor
  • Reduce clutter
  • Keep windows and doors well insulated
  • Ensure that the attic has adequate ventilation
  • Ensure proper drainage of water
  • Cut shrubs or tree branches near the veranda
  • Keep the gutters clean
  • Seal cracks on the walls
  • Reduce clutter
  • Try to eliminate any stagnant water
  • Place a suitable stop on the garage doors or any other holes
  • Use shelves to organize your stuff
  • Do not leave trash in the garage

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